Dave Trautrimas: Impossible Architectures

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Toronto-based photographer and digital artist Dave Trautrimas is hundreds of light years away from what you’ve ever seen,  but you will most certainly recognize what these crazy impossible architectures are composed of: pieces of kitchen mixers, hole punchers, waffle irons, staplers, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines and other household objects. In his latest works, “The Spyfrost Project”, this young artist originally from Belleville, Ont. hypothesizes the origins of iconic modern appliances by reassembling them into top secret, Cold War era military outposts. These skunkwork structures, hybrids of both machinery and architecture, stand as colossal weaponized  ancestors to common objects such as refrigerators, lawnmowers and washing machines. Fashioned with aspiring futurism, yet an ominous sense of militaristic purpose, these installations link the parallel development of capitalism’s postwar consumer culture and the Military Industrial Complex.

Fan Factory © Dave Trautrimas

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