Hands On: Black Rapid R-Strap

by valrac4_a3kqdy

The R-Strap system from Seattle-based Black Rapid, is now being distributed in Canada and the distributor sent us a sample of the RS-7. The R-Strap is a simple but elegant alternative to the standard around-the-neck strap.

You wear the R-Strap like a sling — it goes from one shoulder diagonally across your body to the opposite hip. Not much to get excited about so far, but the camera connector called the FastenR is the nifty part. It attaches to the camera’s tripod socket and a metal loop attaches it to the strap.

When not in use the camera hangs upside-down at your hip or on your lower back, rather than bouncing on your chest, as would be case with a neck strap. When you want to use camera, you simply grab it and bring it up to eye level. The loop allows the camera to glide freely up the strap to shooting position.

The RS-7 has a thick cushioning pad that incorporates a zippered pouch. It’s big enough for a couple of memory cards, set of keys, loose change, etc.

There are three basic R-Strap models, along with a model called the RS-W1 designed specifically for women, and double strap model for hanging cameras at each hip. They also have a few variations of the FastenR connectors, and some accessories that attach to the R-Strap.

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