SENA: Photographs by Devin Tepleski

by valrac4_a3kqdy

The Luz Gallery presents photographer Devin Tepleski in Sena, a series of photographs portraying individuals and families who are being relocated due to the construction of a hydroelectric dam in Ghana. In the village of Bui, Ghana, a river threatens to flood the homes of Nafaanra-speaking villagers. Government officials of the village warn that the locals soon may be relocated to a new land, smaller and not beside a river, putting at risk the people’s important economic and spiritual connection to the landscape and the water.  Running from July 29 to September 4, 2010, the series Sena opens Luz Gallery’s new location at 1844 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria.

© David Tepleski

“Photography is a time-based art. It always has a fragile quality to it, like ice about to crack. It is my hope to harness that fragility by placing them in two places, two times at once. One is unsure whether the people are emerging from the water or if they are succumbing to it. It can go either way. It is my hope that we can raise enough funds that the people of Bui can emerge and stand strong.” —Devin Tepleski (Source: Luz Gallery)

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