The Largest Panoramic Image in the World: 70 Billion Pixels of Budapest

by valrac4_a3kqdy

40 days, 300 hours of production, 2 TB of data storage and 2 000 000 files were used to produce the 70 gigapixel panoramic image of the city of Budapest.

Created by The 360° World team of computer engineers, photographers, environmental designers, graphic artists, film editors and cameramen, the 70 gigapixel, 360 degree, panoramic image holds the world record of the largest panoramic image ever made.

The team created the image by photographing in rows instead of in columns, making a more seamless panorama and minimizing variances in illumination across the image. Atop the 110 year-old tower of Janos-hegy, the highest vantage point in Budapest, the crystal-clear panorama was born.

“The World Record starts with a high definition camera and and a telephoto lens with an extremely narrow field of view. Sony’s A900 25MP camera seemed an obvious choice, and Sony was pleasantly eager to provide us one. Fitted with a 400mm Minolta lens and 1,4X teleconverter, it provided a 2,4 degree horizontal FOW per frame.

Our estimate was that a 60 gigapixel image (with the necessary overlaps) would require 5040 individual photographs — 24 rows with 210 frames in each, taken with a 360 degree horizontal and a 60 degree vertical FOV. Counting with 4 seconds per frame (during which the robotic head re-adjusts for the next shot), it was quite clear that the task would take a minimum of 6 hours to complete…” Click here to see the Image plus the video on how it was made.

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