City Decoding : Ottawa

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Cities are fascinating places and no two are alike. Each city is built on a different story, creating a unique identity in association with the people that inhabit it and the culture that emerges. Exploring this theme, the Exposure Gallery in Ottawa presents the latest works by Raymond Aubin, Manon Francoeur, and Raymond Savard. This joint exhibition entitled City Decoding provides three unique perspectives on the meaning of the city. A casual roundtable discussion will be held on September 30, 2010 from 7:00 to 7:45 p.m with all three photographers there to answer questions.  City Decoding runs until October 19, 2010.

“The city is a journey best discovered by walking over it. Even retracing one’s steps is a renewal. A photograph of the city is a tracing paper. The eye of the photographer draws on its semi-transparent surface. Behind the photograph lie the many meanings of the city. The photographer makes choices and asserts his views. Yet the meanings of the city are faint and open to the viewer’s re-elicitation.” — Exposure Gallery

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