Gilbert Garcin: Mister G.

by valrac4_a3kqdy

The Stephen Bulger Gallery is pleased to present Gilbert Garcin’s first commercial exhibition in Canada. Gilbert Garcin was originally the owner of a lamp manufacturing company in Marseille, France. Following a workshop during the Rencontres Internationales in Arles, under the direction of Pascal Dolemieux, Garcin, at the age of 65, gave up his business and began his photographic career. In his photographs, Garcin poses as an ordinary ‘Mr. Everybody,’ dressed in an old overcoat. By placing himself, via the character he embodies, in absurd and inextricable situations, he invites us to ponder such philosophical quandaries as time, solitude and the weight of existence. The exhibition runs until September 25, 2010.

© Gilbert Garcin

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