Lensbaby CSC-to-Nikkor Adapter Tilts

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Lensbaby has introduced a tilt adapter that supports two Compact System Camera platforms — Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX .

The Tilt Transformer is essentially a swivel joint between the lens and body that allows you tilt a lens so that it’s no longer parallel to the sensor plane. This creates a slice of sharp focus that transitions to blur. The direction of the tilt controls the orientation of the focus slice within the image (e.g., horizontal, vertical, oblique). Lensbaby says the unit allows you to tilt the lens twice as much as existing dedicated tilt-shift lenses for more dramatic effects.

The width of the focus slice is controlled by aperture: at wide apertures such as f/1.4, just a thin slice is in focus while the rest of the image is thrown out of focus.

The unit has a Micro Four Thirds (or NEX for the Sony version) mount on the camera side and a Nikon mount on the lens side. Yup, Nikon — think of it as a MFT/NEX-to-Nikkor adapter you can bend. Lensbaby says  you can manually control aperture even on G lenses, which don’t have an aperture ring. If you want to see this product in action check out the Lensbaby video.

Along with the Tilt Transformer, Lensbaby is offering the Composer with Tilt Transformer, which combines a Composer Focus Front with the Tilt Transformer swivel. The Composer Focus Front holds Lensbaby’s Optic Swap modules, which are special effects lenses for capturing looks of plastic, pinhole, etc. cameras.

Prices are $250 for the Tilt Transformer and $350 for the Composer with Tilt Transformer (MSRP, US$)

Photo below by Keri Friedman using 50 mm Nikkor and Tilt Transformer (image supplied by Lensbaby).

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