Big Brollies from Cameron

by valrac4_a3kqdy

If a mere 42-inch umbrella is too puny for your big shoot, check out Cameron’s new Light Control and Light Diffusion series. They are available in 60 inch and 75 inch diameters.

The Light Control line has a silver interior and a black outer. The Diffusion Series is a shoot-through style, using a white satin fabric for diffusion. Both are available ala carte (umbrella only) or as a kit. In the kit are the umbrella, an 8-foot light stand and an umbrella holder bracket with integrated flash mount. Cameron products are distributed in Canada by Booth Photographic.

MSRP (umbrella only)

  • White: 60-inch $99.95; 75-inch $114.95
  • Silver: 60-inch $119.95; 75-inch $129.95

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