Retro FinePix X100 Scheduled for 2011

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Outwardly Fujifilm’s FinePix X100 looks like a 1970’s-styled rangefinder but its technology innards are very much from the 21st Century.

The X100 created one of the buzz points at last month’s Photokina show in Cologne, Germany. It has many of the styling details of fine cameras from a bygone era: finely knurled metal knobs, satin silver (magnesium alloy) body shell and leather trim.

The 2.5-inch LCD on the back of the FinePix is the most obvious clue that this isn’t a film camera. The most significant technical feature is the hybrid viewfinder, a true blend of new and old technology. As an optical viewfinder, it has bright frame lines and a readout of exposure settings. Touch a button and it becomes a 1.44 million dot electronic viewfinder.

The X100 uses a fixed 23 mm f.2.0 Fujinon lens that translates to a 35mm mildly wide view when paired with the 12.3 megapixel APS-size sensor. That’s right, an APS-C sensor, the same size you’d find on most of today’s SLRs. The FinePix X100 joins a small group of compact cameras with big sensors and a fixed lens. The other notable members of this group are the Leica X1 and Sigma DP1/DP2.

These are distinct from the Compact System Camera crew, made up of Olympus and Panasonic Micro Four Thirds, Sony NEX and Samsung NX, models, which have lens interchangeability in addition to compact size and SLR-size sensors.

Specification Highlights FinePix X100

  • Body Type: Rangefinder-like
  • Viewfinder: hybrid reverse-Galilean optical switchable to 1.44 million dot EVF
  • Sensor: 12.3 megapixel APS-C
  • Lens: Fixed Funinon 23mm F/2.0 glass, 8 elements, 6 groups
  • Built-in ND filter reduces exposure by three stops
  • LCD: 2.5 inch
  • Available: early 2011
  • Price: na

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