Winners of Pikto’s Top Pick announced

by valrac4_a3kqdy

© Arthur Bondar, Signatures of War

The Pikto Gallery, Toronto, has announced the winner of its first annual competition Pikto’s Top Pick. Arthur Bondar of the Ukraine was chosen as the winner of the 2010 competition for his image series Signatures of War.

Danyl Filippovskyy of the Ukraine was awarded second prize for black-and-white photographs from the country of Georgia. Philip Cheung of Toronto claimed the third prize for the series The Kurds in Post-Saddam Iraq from Kurdistan and Anne Sakkab was awarded an Honorable mention for her work on migrant workers in Dubai.

“I am thrilled with the winning submission and strongly believe that we have fulfilled the objective of the competition: to find raw talent, showcase their work, give them the chance to expand to a new audience and strengthen their photographic career,” said Johan Hallberg-Campbell, curator of Pikto Gallery.

He continued, “Arthur Bondar’s powerful and compelling portraits ‘Signatures of War’ of Soviet Red Army veterans from WWII immediately stood out among the jury, awarding him first prize in Pikto’s Top Pick competition. Bondar’s Polaroid portraits were engaging, using the basic elements of photography: heart felt emotion, an honest approach to storytelling and a compelling manner of presentation. Playing with the notion of Polaroids as an element of memory, and anchoring each portrait of the veteran with their own definitive signature on the photograph, Kiev, Ukraine’s Bondar has made a striking series.”

Bondar has been awarded $5000 towards producing a Gallery show, opening reception and two month exhibit at the Pikto Gallery from December 1 to January 31, 2010.

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