Your Photos, in a Book, as a Gift

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Custom photo books are the rage, and a number of companies offer a custom publishing service. For what you’d pay for a modern hardcover novel, you can get a professionally printed and bound book filled with your own photos.

Kodak Canada’s Gallery is one such service. Its offerings are extensive — 11 book styles with prices as low as $6.99 for a 10-page mini book that measures 5×7 inches. For $0.29 extra per page, you can make the book as thick as 104 pages. At the high end are large (12×14 inch) hardcover books. A book with the minimum 20 pages costs $69.99 and extra pages are $1.49 each (maximum book size is 80 pages).

A certain amount of customization is possible. Depending on the type of book you order you can specify the colour of the cover, what image or images you want on the cover. The interior pages are template driven, but again, with some designs you can create your own layouts, or mix images with text. Kodak has partnered with Future Shop and Best Buy to offer a local pickup for your book order.

A popular independent book publishing service is PhotoBook Canada. It offers several styles of soft and hard cover books, with prices starting at $40 for a 40-page 8×11 inch soft cover. You can increase the page count for $1.00 per page (prices vary with book type). PhotoBooks provides its own layout software, which you can download from the site for free.

There are many other sources that deliver to Canada. If you deal with a local photo printing service, it may be partnered with a book publishing service. If you are a Mac user, Apple Canada also offers a book publishing service that works from iPhoto 11.

You should place your order by mid- to late November to ensure your book can be delivered before Christmas. Many sites have already posted their holiday delivery schedule.

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