Landscapes for the End of Time

by valrac4_a3kqdy

© Stephen Hutchings 2010

In Landscapes for the End of Time, Canadian artist Stephen Hutchings examines ideas of temporality, permanence and eternity. The evocative landscapes resist defining any particular time or place; he has captured through realism something unreal. Hutchings builds his artistic practice out of a century of art historic tools and ideas; each landscape represents its entire past and its entire future frozen into one moment.

The landscapes are developed from digital photographic images, sketched on the computer and then layered on the canvas with charcoal and paint. Hutchings has become a digital Impressionist — he embraces new technology to create his work but media/technology is only one of many tools, and the final product, like his images, melds the past and the future into a hybrid whole.

— Colleen Sharpe, Guest Curator

Landscapes for the End of Time by Stephen Hutchings will be presented at the The Glenbow Museum, Calgary, until March 13, 2011.

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