2010 Banff Mountain Photography Festival Winners Announced

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Iain Guilliard 2010

New Zealand photographer Iain Guilliard has been awarded Grand Prize in the 2010 Banff Mountain Photography Festival, Alberta, for his image, Storm Clouds over Mount Aspiring, inspired by the wilderness landscape of New Zealand. With a passion for large vistas and dramatic lighting, Guilliard is often kept alone in the backcountry for weeks at a time, lugging a pack full of camera gear: “I seek out compositions free from outside alteration – the world the way it was”. The entire collection of winning images can be found in the Banff Center’s new on-line photo gallery.

And if that’s not close enough for you, check out the Banff Mountain Film Festival World tour, which stops in each of the Canadian provinces before heading abroad. The film tour features the top films selected in the 2010 competition along with the winning photographic images from the Mountain Photography Festival, which will be granted their turn on the big screen during intermission.

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