A Bumpy Start to the Week

by valrac4_a3kqdy

I’m in Tokyo all week and am traveling with a lot of new technology. I have a new phone which I just bought a week or so ago, but the day before I flew out, the loaner from Panasonic Canada arrived – a GH2 kit with 14-140mm lens. I’m part of a small delegation and my itinerary will include business meetings as well as planned sightseeing events so the GH2 will come in handy because it’s small yet capable.

Yet, the camera is still very new to me since I literally pulled it out of the fee shipping carton the evening before I flew out. Although, I did have the foresight to download the PDF manual on my iPad, the first few photographs that I took didn’t turn out so well, either because the settings were not correct or I inadvertently changed some setting.

I’m happy to report that Canadian phones now work in Japan. I should correct that to say some Canadian phones. I recently upgraded my phone to a Blackberry Torch through Rogers and it’s working on the NTT DoCoMo network although the roaming charges are quite high. The data charges are 3 cents a kilobye, which works out to be $30 per megabyte. Yikes!

Right now, I’m traveling with my iPad which means that I need Wi-Fi to get on the Internet. Unfortunately the hotel I’m staying at only has an ethernet jack in the room. I looked into this before I left, and subsequently brought my own Wi-Fi in the form of An Apple Airport Express. It’s about the size of the charger for MacBook but supports up to 10 wireless users. I plugged it into the ethernet in the hotel and it is definitely working as it should be.

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