Pentax Rolls Out Rugged Optio WG-1, WG-1 GPS

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Pentax Canada says the Optio WG-1 and Optio WG-1 GPS represent the company’s 12th generation of waterproof digital cameras. These are 14 megapixel cameras with 5x optical zoom lenses (approx 28-140 mm focal length equiv) and ruggedized features to make them better able to handle water, dust, shock, crush forces and cold. The two models have mostly the same specs. The standard model is available in two colour combinations; the GPS model has a built-in GPS radio and one colour scheme.

In terms of ruggedized specs, Pentax states the cameras

  • are good under water for up to two hours at a depth of 10 meters (equivalent to IPX8 or JIS Class 8
  • can withstand a fall from a height of 1.5 meters
  • are coldproof down to –10°C
  • are dustproof (equivalent to IP6X or JIS Class 6)
  • are crushproof (withstand 100 kg force, but test parameters not detailed)

The WG- isn’t the first model to have the Enhanced Digital Microscope mode, but it makes some improvements. The built-in ring light now consists of five LED lights that encircle the lens barrel. The mode allows you to shoot as close as 1 cm from the lens, although it’s at a reduced 2 megapixel resolution.

Many cameras have built-in GPS radios, but the WG-1 GPS model adds an interesting twist — it records a track log in KML format, so you can map out your wanderings. Likewise, many cameras now have face detection mode. The WG-1 has that, but also pet detection mode that helps keep your photos of your furry friends in focus.

The camera also includes an assortment of art filters, does 1280 x 720 HD video and includes a caribiner strap so you can hook the camera to a backpack. Optional accessories include a jacket that protects the camera, and a wireless, weatherproof (doesn’t work under water) remote control unit.

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