ECO Art 2011, Gallery 1313, Toronto, March 2011

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Gallery 1313 presents ECO Art 2011, an exhibition of art works encompassing environmental issues and concerns coinciding with Earth Hour, happening internationally on March 26 at 8:30 p.m. The exhibition curated by Phil Anderson, Director, Gallery 1313, will be comprised of artists working in various practices and disciplines.

In a world of constant change we are reminded that we all must remain diligent in caring for our environment. Environmental issues such as urban sprawl, air and water quality, wild life preservation, global warming, renewable energy and energy conservation will be addressed by artists. It is hoped that this exhibition will stimulate dialogue for important current affairs and give artists a voice to express how they have been personally affected by these issues.

Over twenty-five artists will be participating from across the country, including Alberta’s Troy Nickle, who does inventions with nature building new structures from found objects or leaving his imprint in the mud. From Quebec, artist Olivia Faye Lathuilliereâ’s video la Pluie shows the waste of water dripping from many faucets. In British Columbia, photographer Kimberly Walker stumbles on dead wildlife or beer cans from a bush party.

Toronto photographer, Toni Wallachy, has a series of photographs of the Richard L. Hearn Generating Station, a humongous structure that now sits idle. Ontario Artist Gill Price looks at changes to the rural landscape while several artists such as Gerald Richards use reclaimed and recycled objects to create new works of art.

Artist Allison Rowe has snowballs cast from bronze after hearing that in 2050 Toronto may no longer receive snowfall. Painter Ruth Hartman has captured the Arctic in her canvases that stands vulnerable to global warming. Painter Deborah Sawyer examines the urban landscape with Vertical Sprawl, where cities are forced to build upwards .

Other participating artists include : Marissa Sweet , Holly Gabel, Corey Waurchan, Pauline Thompson, Karen Abel, Andy Maclean, Ruthanne Henry, Claire Manning, Olga Oreshyna, Kate Hansen, Kim Chan, Christine Lucy Latimer, Pat Rice, Elaine Waddell, Olena Sullivan, Pat Stanley, Collette Broeders, Barbara Reimer and others.

Each artist in this exhibition has expressed true concern for a variety of environmental concerns.

Hours are Wednesday – Sunday : 1:00p.m. – 6:00p.m.
Gallery 1313, Celebrating 13 Years of Operating in 2011 !
1313 Queen St. West 416-536-6778

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