iKlip Stand Adapter for iPad

by valrac4_a3kqdy

How can you keep your iPad close at hand in a studio? The iKlip is one solution. It’s a holder for your iPad that clamps to any pole with a diameter up to 20 mm. Developer IK Multimedia is known for its music apps for iPhone and iPad, and the device was designed to attach the iPad to a microphone stand. However, it also attaches to light stands. Overall, the unit feels solid and durable, and it does what it was designed to do.

The clamp is made of two grooved halves, which you slide together around a pole. The diameter of the groove is around 20 mm but a tightening screw extends to almost half that distance so you can use it with tubes of smaller diameter and tighten the screw for a snug fit. I tried it on a couple of my light stands — it fits a 19 mm (0.75 inch) diameter section but a 22 mm (7/8 in.) section is too big.

The iPad holder portion is a multi-armed spider with clips at the end of each arm that hold the iPad in place. A locking pivot joint between the pole clamp and the spider allows you to adjust the viewing angle of the iPad. The spider fits onto a peg built into the joint and is held in place with a screw.

The spider arms are hard plastic and the clips are very rigid so you can’t snap them around the iPad. You have to slide the unit into place. The arms are designed so that they only come into contact with the iPad at the very edges. Nevertheless, the possibility of scratching while sliding might be a minor concern if you’re fanatical about keeping your iPad in pristine condition.

The iKlip can hold the iPad in either a portrait or landscape orientation, but switching back and forth can be a pain. To change the orientation you have to remove the screw, pull the spider off the peg and re-position it at the different orientation and screw it back on. Fortunately the peg is fluted so spider drops in at 90-degree increments. I thought of dispensing with the screw but the peg fitting is quite loose, so the screw is necessary to keep the spider in place.

Online price is $39.99.

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