Apps for Photoshop

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Adobe has introduced a trio of iPad apps that work with Photoshop — Eazel, Color Lava and Nav. The catch — you need the latest version of PS5 (Version 12.04).
Eazel ($4.99) is a painting/drawing program for iPad. It allows you to draw or paint freeform with your fingers (or an iPad stylus) and then send the file to Photoshop wirelessly for further editing. Photoshop will create a high-res, layered version of the file.
Color Lava ($2.99) is a colour mixer, allowing you to create custom swatches which you can then email to clients or send to Photoshop. The interface is quite nifty, and there is even a virtual water well to “rinse” your finger of residual colour.
Nav ($1.99) is a customizable toolbar for Photoshop. Unlike the other two, with which you can work independently and then send a product to Photoshop, Nav maintains a continuous wireless link with Photoshop and becomes an extension of it, allowing you to select tools from the iPad screen. You can customize the toolbar array on the iPad screen, removing tools that you seldom use and arranging them in an order that suits your workstyle. A second module within Nav is a document browser, which allows you to view on the iPad screen all the images you have open in Photoshop.

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