Launch of Contrast Canadian Photographic Works, Toronto

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Shawna Eberle 2009

Against the backdrop of the Contact Photo Festival in May 2011, Fabrice Strippoli launches the boutique photo agency Contrast Canadian Photographic Works.

Contrast Canadian Photographic Works is founded on the philosophy of Authorship working in RealTime. In a world where instant, digital photography is ubiquitous and often unedited, CCPW aims to establish and promote the association of a photographerʼs distinctive style, perspective, and technique with the photographer themselves.

“In the moment of creating the final image, it is the photographerʼs instinctive and visual choices to compose, light and capture the subjects that are in the spotlight.” says Fabrice Strippoli.

© J-F Bouchard

The opening photography exhibition runs throughout May 2011 and provides an opportunity to see a selection of diverse work of the CCPW photographers as a cohesive collection. This month also celebrates the launch of the boutique photo agency that specializes in commercial projects and fine art representation.

Contrast Canadian Photographic Works is a boutique photography agency based in Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. The photographers represented by CCPW are: Fabrice Strippoli, Justin Kingsley, Mark Hesselink, Jean-François Bouchard, Shawna Eberle, Alex Filotti, Nicolette Potter, Martin Mraz, Richard Marazzi, and Paul Labonté.

© Fabrice Strippoli

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