People’s Choice Annual Photo Exhibit, 10th edition, July 22 – 24, 2011

by valrac4_a3kqdy

The community of Dorchester, New Brunswick presents the 10th edition of The People’s Choice Annual Photo Exhibition. The celebrated local event gives visitors the chance to view over 100 photographic images created by amateur and professional photographers during a three day exhibition.

Presented in conjunction with the 2011 Sandpiper Weekend Festival, admission is free and visitors are requested to vote for their favourite images. The image which receives the largest number of votes will receive a $100.00 gift certificate, and for each of the entries that finish 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place, a $50.00 gift certificate will be awarded. Entries may be submitted in four Categories including People, Animals, Landscapes and Plants.

For further information concerning the People’s Choice Photo Exhibit including the Entry Form, please contact:
W. G. Macx MacNichol
Tel: 1-506-379-2211 or 379-0678

For information concerning the entire Sandpiper Festival weekend and the Village of Dorchester contact:


Entry Form for 2011 Photo Exhibit

Photographer Name:___________________________________________
Mailing Address:______________________________________________

Telephone (home/work):_________________________________________
Email address:________________________________________________

A Brief Description of how the image was created: (Title of print, description of how and where the image was created and the category in which is to be entered.

Enclose a copy of this entry form with each image submitted. All entries can be picked up following the exhibit prize awards at about 1600 hrs, 24 July 2011 or return handling material and postage must be included with entry.

Signature of entrant:__________________________________

Please note: Any size of print or format can be submitted. It is recommended that for best viewing, an 8” x 10” or larger print mounted on a rigid backing is best for display. Framing and matting is permitted, although not required. Basic 8” x 10”print holders available at $2.50

  • Submissions must be able to be placed on an easel for viewing.
  • Entries must be received before 12 pm, 22 July 2011 and each entry must be accompanied by the completed entry form in this brochure and self addressed, stamped envelope for returning entries if not being picked up at 1600 24 July 2011.

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