Bay of Quinte Interpreted

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Bay of Quinte Interpreted presents the work of 13 photographers and 20 visual artists interpreting the bay. Fifteen winning photographs were selected and interpreted by local artists in the medium of their choice. View the winning photographs of Eldon Burchart, Gary Dafoe, Cathy Warren, Mark Hopper, Art Saunders, Michelle Burley, Carole Pattingale, Daryl Lalonde, Audrey Cooper, Cathy Fleming, Kathy Jerome, Meredith Miller and Dustin Rawding Montgomery.
Reinterpreting the photographs are twenty local artists working in many different mediums and styles. The artists include Linda Phipps Nicoll, Angela Wiggins, Tina Osborne, Cynthia Solomon, Norman K. Fieldhouse, Barry Ayrgle, Ilona Mayer, Susan Moshynski, Rosanna Kwan, Niki Mitz, Audrey Thomas, Ril Giles, Pat Werden, Barbara Chappelle, Anne MacInnis, Doris Scott, Cathy Fellows, Sherry Pringle, Ann Fales and Kim Klaver. Come by and show your support for this, eclectic, Quinte inspired exhibit. Enjoy an evening of art, meet the artists and listen to live music courtesy of local Belleville musician John Pecek. The exhibitions runs until August 6, 2011, at Gallery ArtPlus, in Belleville, Ontario.

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