Nature and the Architect

by valrac4_a3kqdy

The National Gallery of Canada presents Andreas Feininger: Nature and the Architect until August 21. With his keen instinct for graphic forms ans patterning, and his talent for highlighting the sculptural qualities of objects, the German-American photographer Andreas Feininger became one of the most important modernist photographer. In 2009, the Gallery received an extraordinary gift from the deceased photographer’s family: 252 photographs from which 27 are part of the current exhibition, covering a wide spectrum of subject matter that engaged Feininger during his career, from the well-known city scenes and nature close-ups to industrial images. The installation reveals the mind of a photographer who never ceased his quest for order and beauty in the world around him. “To see as the camera sees, a photographer must mute all his sens except sight. There is no feeling, meaning, implication or value involved except graphic values of form and texture, colour, light and dark.”

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