The Loveliest Girl in the World

by valrac4_a3kqdy

© Miina Savolainen

The Loveliest Girl in the World, an award winning Finnish photography exhibit, will stay at the Sussex Gallery of the Old City Hall in Ottawa until September 2nd, 2011. Miina Savolainen realized this photography project unique in scope with ten girls growing up in a children’s home. The overlooked and mistreated girls were photographed on their own terms in order for the girls and those around them to appreciate their worth. Behind this was Miina Savolainen’s understanding that verbal communication was not a sufficient tool to heal children whose trust had been broken with words. Empowering photography, borne out the project, has been in use in Finland in therapy, education and workplace development since the year 2000. The Loveliest Girls in the World exhibit is a touching archetypal coming-of-age story of a marginalized child becoming visible and her self-acceptance. Miina Savolainen is a community art oriented photographer from Helsinki, Finland, whose works deal social engagement

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