Época, A Photographic Narrative of Cuba

by valrac4_a3kqdy

The Richard Marazzi’s exhibition Época, A Photographic Narrative of Cuba is presented at the Toronto Image Works’ gallery until September 3rd. This project is a visual exploration of the Cuban dance of life. Drawn to the country by his love for Cuban music and rhythms, Marazzi has created a body of work that captures Cuba’s beauty and documents their culture during this interesting and critical period in Cuban history. For 50 years, Cuba’s reality has been dominated by a revolutionary dream of creating a more just society and the crippling economic isolation that has resulted from US policies towards Cuba. “The focus of this project, however, is not the political. My purpose is not to judge the revolutionary experiment. But in Cuba, this political reality permeates everything. It is the canvas for every image. And yet, these pictures reflect the fierce independence and enduring exuberance of the Cuban people, and the music and rhythm of the island nation that continues to define the Cuban experience above all else. It’s what keeps drawing me back. It is in this spirit that I share these images with you.” In addition to this exhibition the artist also launches the book Época, A Photographic Narrative of Cuba.

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