Grande Italia at Lonsdale Gallery

by valrac4_a3kqdy

In Grande Italia Neil Dankoff turns his lens to Italy in this new series of panoramic photographs of cities, coastal villages and their surrounding landscapes. Dankoff focuses on how cities in Italy adapt to the beauty of their natural surroundings. Capturing the unique relationship between city and nature, Dankoff strives to reveal the sublime majesty that is Italy. The compositions are shot with a constant consciousness of how light animates the architecture and landscape. Dankoff’s obsession with light, detail and clarity gives him the ability to capture such beautiful images.

Similar to Israel, the location of Dankoff’s last series of photos, Italy is also a country known for its strong connection between landscape and populace.  Dankoff subcribes to this romantic tradition of landscape photography with a keen interest in locations that have a strong relationship to their history. Dankoff’s  photographs of Italy have  the ability to evoke nostalgia and to once again capture that unique relationship between a land and its people. The exhibition runs until October 2, at Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto.

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