Nikon Photo Contest International 2010-2011: Award Winning Photographs

by valrac4_a3kqdy

«Nikon Photo Contest International 2010-2011 attracted the highest number of entries in the history of the contest, with over 60,000 entries from 23,308 applicants in 153 countries and regions,» says Hiromi Tsuchida, Chief of Judges. «There was also an increase in the number of young applicants under 30. […] Considering this large number of entries, I asked myself why people take photographs. The act of taking photographs establishes a relationship between the photographer and his/her subject. This act satisfies the human yearning to connect with one another. These relationships are expressed directly in photographs. […] I am very pleased with the selection of the Grand Prize winner. The judging procedure was a fine example what it means to come to a consensus. The grand prize winning work told a story and captured the element of time in a stunning way.» Have a look!

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