Without worries

by valrac4_a3kqdy

The Monte Clark Gallery (Vancouver) presents a solo exhibition of new work by Scott McFarland, until September 10. “Sans Souci (‘without care’ or ‘without worries’), a small island located on Georgian Bay, is the subject and title of Scott McFarland’s most recent photographic series. Explored and subsequently named by Champlain in 1615-1616, Sans Souci remains one of the most desirable areas of Georgian Bay’s 30,000 islands since passenger steamships first brought summer visitors in the mid-nineteenth-century. Central to the exhibition are two large landscapes that depict the marina and its everyday activity. Both images incorporate identical foregrounds and figures with different and dramatic skies. Accompanying these two works (his largest photographs produced to date) is a set of smaller photographs shot solely with a pinhole camera and printed as inkjet prints. These works capture scenes of discarded leisure vehicles and other detritus that litter the island, employing a visual technology equivalent to that of early explorers: the camera obscura.  In this way the current state of Sans Souci is reflected to the viewer as if through the gaze of the past.”

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