Drawn to Develop Raises Funds for Street Kids International

by valrac4_a3kqdy

© Craig Boyko

“My inspiration for this piece came about while reading Ashmita’s story. She wrote, ‘Study can shape my future.’ These five words instantly fueled my vision of how I would interpret this phrase into a photograph. I began to work with an abstract figure that would show the connection between acquired knowledge shaping one’s person and future. The construction of a geometrically shaped head made of text books connected to the human form made from printed words– Study will shape your future.” -Craig Boyko

In its fourth year, Drawn to Develop is an annual evening of photography, featuring original artwork created by acclaimed Canadian photographers. The program promotes social change through collaborations with photographers and street-involved youth. This year, 36 Canadian photographers have created original artwork inspired by drawings and stories of youth from Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, the Philippines, Sierra Leone and Tanzania.

A new story of collaboration, the drawing by the street-involved youth, and the photographer’s artwork will be revealed every day on The Grid, leading up to the Drawn to Develop 2011 auction on October 13, in Toronto. Since Drawn to Develop’s inception in 2008, over $100,000 has been raised for Street Kids International. More information and tickets to this event are available on their website.

© Alex Albojer

“Drawn to Develop has reminded me that really as humans we are all the same.  We may have been born into a different set of circumstances, but at the heart we are all connected.  This project enhanced the realization that I could have been born in young Alex’s place and in turn, he could be the one creating a photograph about me.  I believe that it is important to keep organizations like this going, ones that connect people.”                – Alex Albojer

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