Elin Høyland’s The Brothers

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Elin Hoyland: The Brothers from Daylight Multimedia on Vimeo.

Having spent several years living in Norway, I was immediately intrigued by Elin Høyland‘s series, The Brothers. This photographic essay about two Norwegian brothers is featured on Daylight Multimedia, an online gallery that hosts an impressive collection of work focusing on contemporary issues of an international scope.

The Brothers beautifully captures the everyday life of Harald and Mathias, who have lived their entire lives on a small farm in Norway. The series reveals the almost palpable sense of this particular land that seems to permeate the daily rhythm of these brothers’ lives. While poignantly capturing the brothers’ close relationship, Høyland often simultaneously illuminates the greater sense of solitude found in rural Norway, where small villages on fjords are sometimes only accessible by boat. Looking at Høyland’s photos of these brothers transported me to their world and for those few minutes, it was almost if I were back in Norway, where I always felt like I could inhale more deeply and where time seemed less rushed. Feel free to check out The Brothers and let us know what you think in the comments!

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