The World We Live In

by valrac4_a3kqdy

The World We Live In, the annual photo contest of Photo Life and Photo Solution, is open for entries until November 30. So that means you have about a month left to get your submissions in!

Through this contest, we invite photographers from all walks of life to capture images of people, cultural diversity, breathtaking landscapes as well as environmental statements, and to share with us their vision of the world.

Photographers may submit in either the Pro or Amateur categories, for the following three themes:

Humanity: Our world will soon be populated by 7 billion people, and each has a story to tell. Capture images of yourself, your family, your neighbours or people you’ve encountered while travelling. Show us some of the many facets of humanity.

The Environment: To help increase awareness about the environment and to nurture a respect for it, show us the outstanding beauty of our living world, be it through wide landscapes or close-ups of natural elements, animals, plants or insects.

Our Interconnected World: Humanity and the environment have an impact on each other, one that produces both positive and negative results. Show us the imprint that we humans are leaving behind and how the environment touches your life and the lives of others.

Winners will be announced in the April/May issues of Photo Life and Photo Solution, and more than $35,000 in fabulous prizes will be awarded! Guidelines and more information here.

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