David Ellingsen: Hibernus

by valrac4_a3kqdy
Hibernus 10 © David Ellingsen

Hibernus X © David Ellingsen

Until February 4, David Ellingsen’s Hibernus: A Winter Study is on view at Toronto’s Akasha Art Projects. In this botanically themed series, Vancouver-based Ellingsen explores the cycle of the natural world, our connection (or lack of connection) with the environment, and an appreciation of the later part of the life cycle. Ellingsen says he chose to photograph the botanical subjects at the end of their lifespan using now-discontinued Polaroid 55PN film to intentionally to highlight the “beauty and significance in what has aged.” The photos were hand processed and archivally printed.

Hibernus I © David Ellingsen

Hibernus I © David Ellingsen

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