Edma Photo Marketing to distribute VidPro and Lens Band in Canada

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Edma Photo Marketing introduces VidPro and Lens Band products to the Canadian marketplace.

VidPro has assembled a variety of portable LED lighting kits, complete with rechargeable batteries, chargers, most packaged in foam-padded cases. Units vary in light output and utilize a variety of power sources: AC, DC, rechargeable Lithium-ion and AA batteries. Their flexible power requirements and portability make them a popular choice for location photography and videography. In addition, VidPro provides an extensive assortment of lithium-ion digital camera and camcorder batteries, complete with a two-year warranty.

Lens Band is a unique silicone band designed with specific  elastic resistance to stop unwanted zoom creep in camera lenses. Zoom creep is the tendency for a lens to extend or collapse under its own weight when pointed upward or downward. Designed and assembled in the USA, one size fits all lenses and lens band is available in a variety of colours and patterns. Although lens band was specifically designed to stop zoom creep, many photographers have used it on hard to remove lens filters or simply to add a little personality to their lenses.

Additional information concerning VidPro and Lens Band products may be obtained by contacting info@edmamarketing.com

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