Jason deCaires Taylor

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Credit: www.jasondecairestaylor.com

Jason deCaires Taylor is a sculptor and photographer who has found a way to combine both artistic practices in his work. This artist creates subaquatic galleries of sculptures that become artificial coral reefs, and then he captures the ever-changing state of his inhabited sculptures through his beautiful photography. The image above shows his new kinetic sculpture Phoenix whose wings appear to move with the flux of the waves. The wings have been propagated with rescued fan coral that had been uprooted.

To read more about this fascinating artist and his work, check out our article on Jason deCaires Taylor in the June/July issue of Photo Life. And if you’re going to be in New York City this summer, you can see his solo exhibition at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery from June 30 to July 28.

Credit: www.jasondecairestaylor.com

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