Africa Tamed

by valrac4_a3kqdy

© Lauren Geldenhuys (Click this image to see more photos.)

Africa Tamed is a wildlife and nature photography collaboration between Lauren Geldenhuys and Liam Cornell. They began their photography career as animal trainers. They explain, “We were working with such amazing and unusual animals that we felt it necessary to document our experiences. Almost instantly it became our newest love. The pictures were a way of recording our personal story, really only intended for us to show family and friends.”

But on a whim, the duo took their images to a gallery. Before they knew it, they had an exhibition, and their images received such positive feedback that they knew their work had found a larger audience.

Geldenhuys and Cornell are inspired by animals: “As animal enthusiasts, they are our true inspiration. Every creature has its own distinctive personality, and that is what we try to capture in our pictures.” They love celebrating nature everywhere, whether in their own backyard, in a national park, or travelling in their country, South Africa.

To see more of their work, click on the photo above. You can also visit their website and Facebook page.

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