Brian Nice: A Point of View

by valrac4_a3kqdy
© Brian Nice

© Brian Nice

After 30 years as a professional photographer specializing in advertising and fashion, Brian Nice had a traumatic brain injury. After his injury, Nice began a long and challenging rehabilitation process. During this long-term recovery process, Nice has restarted taking pictures, focusing on communicating his new perspective of seeing the world through fine-art photography. Nice says, “I carry a passion in my heart for landscape photography. A friend gave me a film camera that I can point and shoot. The photos are very different, yet help me express and show how I see the world now. It allows me to continue my art and gives me a real sense of myself. I still connect to the world through a camera: a new lens just gives me a different perspective. This validates that there are many ways of seeing and relating to life, none being better than another, just different.”

An exhibition of Nice’s work, A Point of View, will be presented at the Riverside Galleries at Garrison Art Center in Garrison, New York, from August 11 through September 2. To learn more about Brian’s work and his story, visit his website here.

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