Photo Essay: Metamorphosis

by valrac4_a3kqdy

photos by Brent Lewin, intro text by John Lorinc

© Brent Lewin

© Brent Lewin

Call it our richest unnatural resource: Canadians each produce more than 250 kilograms of recyclable waste materials annually—a jumble of paper, plastic, aluminum and a lot of other stuff that ought not be consigned to the depths of a landfill.

After two decades of aggressive government waste-diversion rules, recycling firms are reprocessing not only such standbys as scrap metal and newsprint but everything from construction debris to threadbare tires. The quest to make our consumerist society’s detritus into marketable commodities and products may start with government rules that make markets crystallize, but the sector still involves no small amount of innovation.

This series of images was shot for Report On Business magazine.

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After many travels and working abroad, Brent is now working as a freelance photographer, splitting his time between Toronto and Bangkok. His work has appeared in National Geographic, PDN, Geo, National Post, Toronto Star and Maisonneuve.

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