Photography at the Service of Animals

by valrac4_a3kqdy

From October 13 to 21, discover a photography exhibit featuring different species of animals that have sought refuge at the SPCA, paired with an adoption initiative for real animals.

In cooperation with the SPCA, photographer Patrice Beriault has put together an exhibit featuring photos of several animal species including cats, dogs, birds and exotics that have all ended up at the SPCA.

On top of the quality of the work, the exhibit’s originality resides in the fact that it’s taking place at the SPCA’s first Adoption House, a space outside of the SPCA building where you can meet and adopt animals. Combining adoption and exhibition, real animals and pictures of animals, is an approach that can change the way people see the SPCA.

“We hope that this event will allow people to see the beauty and variety of animals that find a second chance at the SPCA,” explains Patrice Beriault. “So that people don’t adopt out of pity or as a last resort, but that it becomes a reflex, a positive act of collaboration within the community.”

Animal in Focus is presented at The SPCA Adoption House at 3401 Ontario E., Montreal.

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