Painting and photography meet under Wallace’s hand

by valrac4_a3kqdy

(source: The Vancouver Sun) A new exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery of the work of Ian Wallace shows how one of the country’s most influential artists explores the collision between painting and photography.

The gallery has allocated the first two floors to Wallace, one of the key figures in creating Vancouver’s reputation as an internationally recognized centre for art that marries photography and conceptualism – the latter a term used to describe art that gives a prominent place to ideas over materials. He’s part of what’s been called the Vancouver school of photo conceptualism, a term meant to include artists as diverse as Jeff Wall, Rodney Graham, Ken Lum and Stan Douglas.

As a teacher at the University of B.C. and Emily Carr for 30 years, Wallace has influenced young artists for a generation and a half while producing a body of work that has increasingly become recognized around the world. Read More.

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