Churchill, King George and downed Nazi planes: Decades after documenting war, Canadian rediscovers trove of photos

by valrac4_a3kqdy

(source: The National Post) Some of the details of that long ago day are smudged, blurred by the almost 70 years that have passed since Jack Ford found himself at an Allied airstrip in France, a few weeks after the D-Day landings, fumbling with his camera, fighting nerves, aiming his lens at Sir Winston Churchill.

Mr. Ford later became a Mad Man – a deal-maker, vice-president of what was then MacLaren Advertising, the largest ad firm in Canada. But at the time, he was “Private Nobody,” he says, a lowly soldier, only even lowlier than most soldiers because he carried a camera and film canisters for RCAF Squadron 414’s Photo Unit instead of a gun.

On that June day in France, however, he was in the middle of the action. Listening as the question — “Could you let me take your picture before you put that cigar in the mouth?” — passed from his lips to the ears of a British Prime Minister famous for giving stirring speeches and perhaps even more famous for being photographed with a stogie clenched between his teeth and a scowl on his face. Read More.

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