The birth of Cool Vancouver through architectural photography

by valrac4_a3kqdy

(source: The Vancouver Sun) Selwyn Pullan has to have one of the greatest names in the history of Vancouver.

He also took some of its coolest photos. The 90-year-old was the top architectural photographer during Vancouver’s golden era of mid-century modernism, documenting the vision of architects like Arthur Erickson, Ron Thom, Ned Pratt, Fred Hollingsworth and Barry Downs.

Sometimes he shot architectural masterpieces like Erickson’s Graham House, other times he photographed straight commercial structures like the former Woodward’s store in Oakridge mall. But whatever he turned his eye on became art, capturing the beauty, playfulness and imagination of the era.

Pullan is a legendary figure among architecture fans, but not exactly a household name in Vancouver. This may change with the release of a ravishing new coffee table book, Selwyn Pullan, Documenting Mid-Century West Coast Modernism (Douglas & McIntyre), that collects some of his best work. Read more.

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