Photo Essay: Horizons

by valrac4_a3kqdy

by Klaus Rossler

© Klaus Rossler

© Klaus Rossler

I arrived early to experience the freshness of spring, the advantage of calmer winds and the absence of bugs. It’s early June and still quite chilly—the way I like it. The water is only 4 degrees and capsizing would most likely be deadly. Looking for solitude and an uninterrupted visual experience, I’m on a three-week solo canoe trip and the only visitor to this 100-km stretch of coast in Pukaskwa National Park. When I’ll be an artist in residence for Parks Canada later in the year, I will be too busy to experience this magnificent shore.

On trips like this, in solitude, confronted with the power and ruggedness of Lake Superior, one spends many hours of the day looking out in awe over the vastness of freshwater. It’s almost a meditative experience. Leaving early in the mornings and putting up camp around noon allowed me to observe, reflect and give things an attentive look.

For this series, I decided to focus on sky and water under various light and weather conditions, filling the frame with only those two elements divided by the horizon line. With Horizons, my intentions were to shake off the burden of reality; to experiment with positive and negative space; and to celebrate light, simplicity and minimalism—to go beyond the traditional realm of photography and think like an abstract painter.

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Originally from Germany, Klaus Rossler has completed formal training in graphic design, cabinetry, and professional furniture and antiques restoration. He also has studied jazz guitar at the university level, performing and recording in North America and Europe. When he moved to Canada, he discovered the grandeur of the northern landscape, as well as his love for expanding the traditional role of photography through abstraction, reflections and the visual transformation from solid to liquid matter. He is currently living in northern Ontario where he teaches photography, oil painting and photo editing.

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