Review: Alt Photo App for iPhones

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Processed with the Vintage Color/Agfacolor Neu filter with the Grungy (white) border (After)

Surprise, surprise, there’s another player in the plethora of photo apps for adding vintage looks to your images. But you might want to take a look at this one because Alien Skin Software is behind it. Long-time Photoshop users may remember them because they created the first “drop shadow” plug-in and continue to contribute many effects to Photoshop. Alt Photo promises to give your iPhone photos the rich look of film and to create effects like the look of Kodachrome or scratched Tintype.

The camera portion of the app is simple but efficient. The only option you have is to select the aspect ratio and control the flash. Where the app shines, however, is in the ways you can process your images once you snap them. There are 36 well-crafted effects divided into 6 categories: Color Film, Vintage Color, Toy Camera, B&W Film, B&W Print and B&W Vintage. You can adjust the intensity of the effect so your photo doesn’t look too overprocessed, and you can also alter the brightness of the images. There’s a choice of 16 different borders, and it’s all presented in a really intuitive interface.

There are 36 well-crafted effects presented in a really intuitive interface.

There are so many choices of apps on the app store that my evaluation system is drastically simple. The app is either a) a keeper or b) trash not worthy of the space it takes up on my device. AltPhoto was already a keeper at $0.99, but the app became free a short while ago. I think it is sad that they had to give it away in order for it to get noticed because it is truly a nice app lost in a sea of not-so-good ones. All I hope now that it’s free is that they don’t pollute it with in-app purchases, which seem to be the new trend.

What do you think? Have you tried this app?

Taken with AltPhoto (Before)

And, just for fun, since I had a Diana Mini Camera around the house and some film that was more than 10 years past its expiration date, I thought I would do a comparison between the real thing and this app’s corresponding filter.

Image taken with a Diana Mini Camera loaded with a roll of expired film.

Same scene snapped with AltPhoto and processed with the Toy Camera/Expired (Pink Highlights) filter.

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