Famed nature photographer Chris Dodds shares his stories at John Abbott

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Christopher Dodds

(source: The West Island Gazette) Christopher Dodds has made a career of capturing the glories of fauna in action.

Be it the snowy white owls of Ontario and Quebec, tufted puffins of Alaska or fruit bats of Zambia, Dodds will wait hours, days, weeks or months to capture the perfect moment.

“But ask me to do paperwork and I have zero patience,” Dodds said with a laugh during a recent telephone interview from the Ottawa region where he was on Week 7 of a nine-week series of photo safaris.

The nature photographer is giving a lecture and workshop at the Casgrain Building at John Abbott College on Saturday. All proceeds go to Le Nichoir, the Hudson-based wild-bird rehabilitation centre. More.

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