Racy picture from skating? Figures.

by valrac4_a3kqdy

(source: thestar.com) It is a testament to the power of the still image,

Yesterday Twitterverse heated up over Kevin Van Paassen’s front page picture of Kaetlyn Osmond skating in the ISU World Championships Exhibition Gala.

Millions watched the event televised and saw the same things that you see on the photo. But, it’s the photo that freezes action that generates debate.

While some people fault the photographer because they don’t believe that a crotch shot should be moved, skating has evolved in the past few years where high leg position spins are an integral part of skater’s routines.

Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle, who has been involved with figure skating for 20 years as a skater, university coach, and now as part of a synchronized team says, “When Nancy Kerrigan won silver at the ’94 Olympics, she was holding her knee to get her spiral leg at a 45 degree angle. Now, skaters are expected to be able to hold their free leg above their head in a standing split. In a program, what you see is the speed, the strength, and the gymnast-like flexibility. In a still photo – that moment looks like, well, the skater, is, er, on display. Hence the backlash to the Globe’s photo.”

Doolittle recognizes, “photographers aren’t cheerleaders, they’re capturing moments. And that moment was definitely a memorable one in her exhibition skate.”

I was there too, I have a similar frame, I filed it, I published it on our photo blog covering the event. I do not fault the photographer for moving it. It was the best picture from Osmond’s routine.

Since these manoeuvres are in every routine, photographers are more vigilant when we edit for costume malfunctions. More.

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