Winston Churchill’s Famous Portrait captured by Yousuf Karsh

by valrac4_a3kqdy
© The Estate of Yousuf Karsh

© The Estate of Yousuf Karsh

(source: FullyM) When this photo of Winston Churchill was on the cover of LIFE magazine in May of 1945, it became one of the most famous portraits of all time. It was captured by well-known Canadian portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh in 1941, after Churchill gave a speech to the Canadian House of Commons.

«Karsh was hired by the Canadian government to do this portrait and knew he would have very little time to make the picture. He began by researching Churchill, taking notes on all of the prime minister’s habits, quirks, attitudes and tendencies. When he finally got Churchill seated in the chair, with lights blazing, Churchill snapped “You have two minutes. And that’s it, two minutes.” The truth was that Churchill was angry that he had not been told he was to be photographed; he lit a fresh cigar and puffed mischievously.» More.

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