Our Classifieds Page

by valrac4_a3kqdy

Did you know there is a classifieds page here on the Photo Life website? This page is dedicated to you, our readers. We realize that there are other online places where you can list a classified ad, but we also know that a big part of selling your stuff is finding the right audience of people who recognize the value of what you have. You know, like that old Kodak Carousel in your closet.

So we want to help put you photo enthusiasts in touch with each other. This page could assist you in finding a good home for that lens that you loved (until you upgraded, that is). Or maybe you’ll see in the listings that someone is looking for an item that has only been gathering dust on your shelf? (Achem, like one of your 15 camera bags!) Or perhaps you’ll be thrilled by the discovery of a darkroom co-op near you?

You readers are a great resource for each other. So go for it! Submit a free classified ad and see what happens. We’ll keep the page updated as we receive new submissions.

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