Vintage Cameras and the Surprises Within

by valrac4_a3kqdy

© A Nerd's World

© A Nerd's World

Photographers Chris and Grace Hughes run A Nerd’s World, a creative space in Toronto that offers photography, graphic design and creative services. Displayed in their space is their collection of vintage cameras. While collecting these cameras, the couple has often found undeveloped film inside, so they’ve begun developing the found film and sharing the results on their site.

Hughes found glass slides from WWI in a Richard Verascope stereo camera.

Chris told us that this habit began two years ago when he bought a 1914 Richard Vérascope camera. He explained, “To my surprise, when I got to the car I found two packages of original sides from World War I in the leather carrying case, all of which had dates, locations and hand-written notes on them. Some photographs were very graphic, and others showed the day-to-day life of a French solider during WWI. I’ve scanned the images found.”

Hughes was already a collector of vintage cameras at that point—300 cameras dating back to 1847—but it was then that the couple started looking specifically for cameras with film inside. So far they have found over 50 rolls of undeveloped antique film. They’re developing one roll each week and posting the results in their online gallery. To learn more about the project, please visit A Nerd’s World and this article in The Toronto Star. Perhaps you can even help identify some people in the photos?

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