June 13, 1930, 1732 St. Clair Ave.

by valrac4_a3kqdy
Arthur Goss, June 13, 1930, St. Clair Ave.

Arthur S. Goss, June 13, 1930, St. Clair Ave.

During his long tenure as Toronto’s official photographer, Arthur S. Goss created thousands of images that capture in minute detail the Victorian city’s ambitious re-invention of itself as a 20th-century Canadian metropolis. Goss is hardly unknown to Toronto gallery-goers: his telling pictures of slum dwellings, the destitute immigrants who populated them, and other dark elements of Toronto’s historical passage to modernity have been featured in local shows since 1980. Crafted in collaboration with the City of Toronto Archives, this exhibition is focused on the aspect of Goss’ work that occupied most of his time and creative energy—the routine production of visual documents for city departments and agencies.

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