5 Interesting Reads

by valrac4_a3kqdy
  • Need a last-minute gift idea for Father’s Day?
  • What do you think of Snapchat? Company co-founder Bobby Murphy said, “It’s changing the definition of what a photo is,” and he might just be right, given that the photos self-destruct in 10 seconds—and 150 million of them are sent through the app everyday (which is 4x the amount sent daily through Instagram!).
  • Google Glass has added HDR.
  • The U.S. National Public Radio (NPR) had an 8-minute interview with John White, who was one of the photographers who was fired from the Chicago Sun-Times, during which he talks about how photographers see things in a unique way and says, “I will not curse the darkness.” (Full transcript here.)
  • Photographer JD Hancock has made some made some funny and clever photos of action figures in unexpected situations.

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