Picture Change: Andrew Stawicki

by valrac4_a3kqdy
© Andrew Stawicki

© Andrew Stawicki

PhotoSensitive is a non-profit collective of photographers committed to using black-and-white photography to address social issues. PhotoSensitive’s new exhibition, Picture Change, is dedicated to highlighting the ways that photography makes a difference in the world. The Toronto-based exhibition features work from 92 Canadian photographers, each photographer sharing one image that had an impact and provoked action, reflection, or even a change in a policy or law. Picture Change opens today at the Royal Bank Plaza Terrace in Toronto and will travel to six other Toronto locations in the coming months.

We will be highlighting a photo from the Picture Change exhibition here on the Photo Life blog each week. Today we focus on the photo above, taken by Andrew Stawicki, the project’s founder.

Andrew Stawicki’s beautiful portrait of a young girl dancing accompanied a story in the Toronto Star about the girl and her mother who were struggling to make ends meet. The little girl loved to dance but her mother was unable to afford to pay for dance lessons.

The photo made such an impact on the day that it was published that a reader contacted Andrew and donated money to cover a year’s worth of dance lessons for the young girl.

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